Event List (Descriptions)

Arizona Events Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

It’s still early!
Come back in a few weeks to see the specific events we’re planning for GEW November 16-22. 
We’ll have a packed set of events to choose from: Speakers, Panels, Webinars, Interactive Sessions, Contests and Competitions. 


Innovating Across Borders: Creating and Taking Advantage of Global Programs and Markets

Thursday, November 19, 2020 9:00 – 10:30AM AZ Time Success in one country does not always mean success in another for both incubators and founders. But in today’s global economy, working with international founders and entering new markets is more important than ever. Join us to explore the world of international incubation from the perspective of global entrepreneurs that have made that jump and those working in these incubators to create onramps to make expanding operations into the States easier for these companies.  Facilitated by Startup Tucson, the University of Arizona Center for Innovation will share lessons learned from its various international incubation and attraction programs. We will also be joined by two different international founders — one that made the move to the U.S. to take advantage of a new market and the other that has participated in an international market access program. They will discuss the benefits and tactics of working to take advantage of

Misconceptions When Starting a Business

Starting a business can be confusing. Trademarks, tradenames, DBA, EIN, LLC, TPT and more. Do you have to deal with the IRS, DOR, DHS, SOS, or AZCC? What are these things and what do they do, and do you need them?  There are a lot of misconceptions of what it needed and what is not needed to start a business. This session will include an interactive quiz to check your understanding of these items, then explain what they mean and who needs them. We will clarify these misconceptions and share an interactive tool that helps support you when starting your business; the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Small Business Checklist.

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

An Economic Development View of Creating a Tech Hub. This session will take a look at the ways that public agencies can galvanize the growth of their local tech communities. We will take a look at the different types of stakeholders that are necessary to engage when building a thriving startup ecosystem and the types of programs, initiatives, and resources that have been most effective in supporting those different groups. Then, participants will hear directly from founders and mentors about the ways they have taken advantage of public sector programs and how best to engage with them. What are founders looking for from economic development groups? How do you enlist a group of expert mentors? What builds credibility and what drives impact? This interactive session will leave entrepreneurs with a better sense of the types of support available to them, and give other ecosystem builders a set of Best Practices to draw from.

The University Start Up Scene

How to build an ecosystem that supports student and community entrepreneurs.  What works and what doesn’t from the people who have built them throughout Arizona.  What resources are needed? What focus if any should it have? How is success measured?  Arizona’s leading Universities: ASU, U of A, GCU and NAU.

The Framework that Redefined Social Impact Entrepreneurship

Join globally-ranked accelerator, SEED SPOT, to learn the framework that thousands of entrepreneurs around the world have used to successfully structure their business model around social impact. Whether you’re a new business or an established venture, you will leave this program with the next steps to incorporate social impact outcomes to your business goals.

How They Built It: Inspiring Stories from Social Entrepreneurs

Want to truly change the world? Build a business! Learn from first-hand experience what it takes to build an impact-driven venture from some of the most successful social entrepreneurs in Arizona. Register to hear stories, learn techniques and discover the pitfalls to avoid when building your social venture from founders who have done it! 

Desert Workscapes – Coworking in the AZ’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Arizona is known for it’s beautiful desert landscape but did you know that the state also boasts a variety of stunning coworking spaces?This is where many of our best entrepreneurs get started and grow, Buckle in for a virtual road trip as tour across Arizona’s most innovative and inspiring coworking spaces, and learn how to make coworking work for you.

AZ’s Accelerator Showcase – Best in State, Best in Show

Join us as we tour Arizona’s most innovative and active accelerators and incubators, hear from the leaders and the entrepreneurs that make them great. Get to know some of their most unique and promising startup ventures – and vote for the most innovative accelerator, best in show and for the best startups.

Mesa – Downtown Transformation in Action

Downtown Mesa, like many Main Streets across the United States, is undergoing a transformation of legendary proportions: Large new developments like ASU’s Downtown Mesa campus and new co-working spaces are being built, community partners, brick and mortar merchants, the regional arts center and the City are working together to shape a new future. Join Pamela Slim in a virtual tour of and learn about the opportunities, challenges and realities of Mesa’s economic transformation.

Speaker Shootout

Hear Arizona’s most prolific and popular entrepreneurship speakers – compete ! Each speaker gets a series of short subjects to speak about …

Startup Connection 2020 – Pivoting and Recovery

Join Chandler Innovations during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 for its 3rd annual Startup Connection event. This two-day virtual seminar on Nov. 18th and 20th from 9 am to noon will focus on two critical themes for the survival of your business or business idea in a post COVID environment: Tools for Pivoting Your Business or Business Idea Tools to Help Your Business or Business Idea Recover from recent adversities Attendees will learn first-hand from subject matter experts on how to best recover or re-energize an existing business or reestablish efforts to bring an idea to market, as well as gain insight on how to best pivot an idea or already established business in the current economic climate.

Health MedTech Showcase

ASU Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator Lab (HEALab) will host a showcase of Health and MedTech student startups, announce the top three winners of our pitch competition, and present the winning team with $1000 seed funds.  Guest speakers will include the medical director of the Mayo Clinic / ASU MedTech Accelerator and the CEO of Safe Health.

Healthcare and MedTech Entrepreneurship

Biotech, medical devices, wearables, new genetic treatments – Arizona is the birthplace and home to some of the most innovative companies making people healthier, saving lives and making lives better. Learn about how the worlds top health and medtech companies work with our universities, hospitals and entrepreneurs to create the future of healthcare.