Ecosystems and Economic Development

Arizona has one of the world’s top entrepreneurial ecosystems – in terms of growth, our incredibly collaborative and supportive community of

Social Entreprenurship and Inclusion

Making the world a better place, having a global impact and making sure everyone has a chance at success – these are the new missions of every new venture. During GEW-2020 Arizona will showcase how entrepreneurs can create and lead ventures that have more social impact, and are more inclusive.

University Entrepreneurship and Programs

Arizona is home to the most innovative and entrepreneurial universities in the world – consistently ranks near the top. Learn about the different kinds of programs and techniques that create some of the most innovative university startups – and get to know some of the entrepreneurs that lead them.

Coworking Entrepreneurship, and Coworking Spaces

Arizona is home to a concentration of some of the most acclaimed co-working spaces in the country – pioneers in this now-essential part of every entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn about how co-working fostered successful small business and entrepreneurship, and how entrepreneurs can best use co-working spaces for success.

Healthcare and MedTech Entrepreneurship

Biotech, medical devices, wearables, new genetic treatments – Arizona is the birthplace and home to some of the most innovative companies making people healthier, saving lives and making lives better. Learn about how the worlds top health and medtech companies work with our universities, hospitals and entrepreneurs to create the future of healthcare.