As entrepreneurial ecosystem builders, we’re united in our belief in the impact of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystem building as a strategy to build, and now rebuild, economies. It’s a common core value that distinguishes ecosystem builders.

But our conviction in the power and impact of ecosystem building is not shared by most people, especially those who are in positions of traditional power such as many civic leaders, business leaders, and traditional economic developers.

We know firsthand the struggle and frustration of explaining the importance and impact of working to support and grow entrepreneurship in a community. But our messages and attempts to change the system are often unheard or ignored. Society doesn’t understand the value of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems and the limitations of our current economic development model.

But imagine the impact of accomplishing ESHIP Goal 6—expanding external stakeholders engagement in ecosystem building. We could realize a true shift in the economic policy narrative. If the ESHIP community can bring an understanding of the impact of ecosystem building to public advocates at the local, regional, and national level, we can change the trajectories of our economies and the lives of millions.

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